Company vision and mission

«KAZNICKEL» Limited Liability Partnership has been established in 2004 by an initiative group of successful Kazakhstani businessmen with the goal of developing the mining and metallurgical industry for nickel production in Kazakhstan.

In April 2004, «KAZNICKEL» LLP received the right of subsoil use for exploration and production of cobalt and nickel ores at the Gornostaevskoe field in the East Kazakhstan Region under Contract No. 1349 of February 26, 2004.

Since 2004, «KAZNICKEL» LLP has been engaged in exploration of the Gornostaevskoe field, and since 2019 has started the stage of pilot production from the ores of the Gornostaevskoe cobalt and nickel field using the advanced method of underground well leaching.

Objectives and tasks

Search and exploration of nickel fields

Development of new technologies for for extracting metals

Construction of a plant to produce the final product

Sale of the received commodity product for the purpose of making a profit