Ore location

The Gornostaevskoe field of silicate cobalt and nickel ores is located in the Beskaragai district of the East Kazakhstan region, 100 km West of Semey and 30 km South-East of Kurchatov.

There is a well developed infrastructure in the field:
  • The Semey-Kurchatov-Pavlodar railway passes through the site of the field

  • Semey-Pavlodar highway with asphalt coating

  • The navigable Irtysh river divides the field into two parts:
    Left bank and right bank

  • TThere is a power line with a voltage of 220 thousand volts in the south of the left bank part of the field, and a power lines with a voltage of 110 thousand volts in the north, along the bank of the Irtysh river.