Strategic objectives:
  • Environmental

To eliminate the adverse environmental impact in comparison with traditional methods of field development during metal mining

  • Automation
    of productions

Automation of the main part of the production cycle remains one of the main lines of the company's development

  • Metal cost

To significantly reduce the cost of the extracted metal in comparison with the methods of nickel mining used in the world

Our achievements:

An investor partner has been engaged
to implement this project

Approval has been received
from the authorized bodies
to use the ISL method

Preparatory mining and construction
and installation works were carried out
for the construction of a pilot industrial site

Prospect of development

To date, a number of large international nickel consumers are already interested in purchasing the metal after the mine has reached the commercial production. Taking into account the projected high global demand for nickel, the company is interested in active joint development of the field with leading companies that use nickel in production, as well as with trading companies.